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Benevolence Request


Life can be difficult

We understand life can be difficult at times. Asking for help is never easy but sometimes necessary. Every December and January we receive a special Christmas offering that provides funding for our meals ministry and benevolence needs. The Benevolence Fund was established with the priority of helping those attending Curtis Lake through difficult times.

If you attend Curtis Lake Church regularly and find yourself in a financially difficult circumstance, we encourage you to fill out the Benevolence Request Form below. We are sorry but we do not offer heating or fuel assistance. Our benevolence fund is used primarily to provide food during difficult times. For those who do not attend Curtis Lake, you are also welcome to fill out the form, but please understand that the needs of our congregation often exceed what our benevolence fund can provide.

Fill out the Benevolence Request Form

Donate to the Benevolence Fund 

Through our Global Outreach pledges we are pleased to support many great organizations in our community that offer assistance. If you are in need, please email us here for a list of available resources in the community. We also invite you to take advantage of our FREE community meals every Monday and Wednesday evenings. We hope that this ministry will help you and your family through a difficult time.