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13180852_10156988566600389_1343213406_n (2) Global Outreach Trips Information

Thanks for your interest in participating in a Global Outreach Trip. This can be a big, scary decision. The good news is the Global Outreach Team is here to help you discover what trip is right for you. Take a few moments to click around this page to get some general information about trips as well as information about trips coming up in the next year.

Why GO?

By serving abroad, we have the opportunity to see the world the way God sees the world. This requires us to leave our comfort zone and stretch beyond what we might think possible. Successful outreach trips are a lifelong process, not a two week product. We will learn through preparation and participation leading up to the travel portion of the experience.

By being open to all that God has for us, we will learn more about Him and gain a better understanding of His world. But the trip is not over when the plane lands back on US soil. Returning and living out what God teaches us through the trip is critical. If you’re willing, you will never be the same.


Do I need a Passport?

Yes. Every member of the team is required to have a valid US Passport. A valid passport must not expire for at least 9 months upon returning home from the trip. Visit for more information.

Who will we work with?

Depending on the trip, we will work with local partners on the ground including national pastors, missionaries and organizations we support through our Global Outreach Strategy.

What will we do there?

Primarily we will share the Gospel. We do this directly and indirectly. Past trips have included bringing the UNthinkable to the host country, children’s ministry, food ministry, direct care to the needy, worship events and community outreach.

How will we get there?

Flights will likely depart from Boston Logan Airport. We will meet at Curtis Lake Church and travel as a team.

Where will we stay?

Accommodations will vary based on location. Every effort is made to ensure our accommodations are safe. Safety is our first priority. Amenities vary based on location. Those details will be reviewed at the initial interest meeting of each trip.

What will we eat?

It’s important to recognize the customs of the culture we’re visiting. Food is often an important part of the experience and a willingness to try what’s provided is critical. Details of the cuisine will be provided at the initial interest meeting of each trip.

Do I need any shots?

Anytime you travel, it is recommended that you contact your physician to make sure you are medically prepared to travel. Different regions of the world require certain vaccinations. It’s always a good idea to have an updated tetanus shot. You may also want to consider a flu shot given the amount of time we will spend on airplanes. However, these are only recommendations and it’s important that you contact your personal physician for more information.

What is the time commitment for the trips?

We will learn together as a team starting 20 weeks out from the date of departure. The exact meeting schedule will be provided at the initial interest meeting. Remember, this is a learn and RETURN trip. We will periodically meet as a team after we return during the following three to six months. This process gives us the opportunity to use the experience God provides during the trip to have lasting effects at home in and through each of us.

Next Steps

Visit your doctor

Curtis Lake recommends that everyone check with their primary care physician prior to making a trip deposit to ensure you are medically cleared for travel and fully understand the immunizations you’ll need prior to travel. This varies by individual due to medical history and current physical condition.

Complete the online application

Below you will find information about each trip. Click on the trip you’d like to explore and you’ll find that trip’s application form.

Turn in your trip deposit

Once your application has been received and you’ve been cleared by the trip coordinator to join the team, you must turn in the current trip deposit. The amount due by date is detailed on the Financial Overview sheet. You will not be considered a member of the team until your trip deposit is received.

Draft your support letter and mail it out

Here is a Sample Fundraising Letter. You are encouraged to use this as a template but to make your letter personal to your own experience. You will want to send this letter to everyone you know outside of Curtis Lake Church. Our church body is asked to financially support our Global Outreach Strategy throughout the year. Support letters to church members with whom you do not have a close, personal relationship is not allowed. GO Trip envelopes are also available to make giving easier for your donors. We will also provide an online link for folks to give via PayPal.

Begin spiritual preparation

Each team member comes to the trip with different life experience, spiritual development and expectations. Some questions to consider:

  • Have I committed my life to Christ?
  • Have I been baptized? Have I taken Starting Point?
  • If you’ve answered no to any of the above, ask yourself…Why?

Consider whether this is the right time for you to go. Take the next few weeks to examine and explore the opportunities to grow in your faith.

If you are following Christ, let’s dig in a little more. We encourage you to begin reading more about outreach trips and the issues that affect the region of the world you’re being called to serve. Check out the recommended readings link on this page to find some resources we believe will be helpful in your preparation.

Upcoming Global Outreach Trips:

Click on the “More Info” link to learn more about each trip.

Guatemala – June 24 – July 1, 2018 – More Info

Romania – TBD – More Info

Nicaragua – November 10-18, 2017 – More Info

Ethiopia – January 18-29, 2018 – More Info

Mexico –  April 17-24, 2018 – More Info

For more information about our Global Outreach Trips