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The Latest Around Curtis Lake

The Second Half – Week 3

The Message: “They Still Have It!” What do we say when an athlete, who is passed their prime, pulls out a jaw-dropping performance? “They still have it!” The reality is, we all lose ‘it’. With age, we lose a step and this often causes us to lose our drive, we get frustrated that we can’t…

The Second Half – Week 2

The Message: “Just For Giggles” Clock management is key to winning the game, especially the second half. Too often we succumb to the mantra, “It’s too late for me.” This thought imprisons creativity and flexibility. We lose all sense of adventure and become predictable and lack vitality. God has a different plan for the clock….

The Second Half – Week 1

The Message: “Two Quarters Left” Every stage of life comes with its own set of questions and fears. This new series will tackle the questions and fears of those living in the second half of life. What does life look like after the retirement party? How do you prepare to deal with a calendar marked…

The Greatest Con on Earth – Week 7: “I So Need That!”

The Message: The Greatest Con on Earth – Week 7: “I So Need That!” Where does the feeling of need derive? We are all guilty of turning wants into needs. We use the phrase “I need” too easily to convey a strong want. Why? This con that turns “wants” into “needs” is destroying our efforts…