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Childcare Reimbursement Policy & Process

Reimbursement Process, Policy & Form

  1. This reimbursement policy applies only to meetings that are official small groups of Curtis Lake Church.
  2. Parents or leaders are reimbursed at a pre-determined rate in order to help offset the cost of childcare (see reimbursement rates below).
  3. Parents schedule and pay their own babysitter, or groups hire a babysitter to watch the group’s kids.
  4. Individual forms are to be filled out after each group meeting by parent(s) or the group requesting reimbursement.
  5. All reimbursement forms must be signed by the leader of the group that parent(s) are attending.
  6. Parent(s) or leader(s) return completed form to the drop box near Firefly Hollow. Each form must be submitted within 30 days of the group meeting.
  7. Checks will be issued and mailed within 14 working days of receipt of request.

You may pick up pre-printed forms at the church office. To utilize this form, copy and paste to a blank document and print.

Childcare Reimbursement Rates

# Of Children

1.5 hours

2 hours

2.5 hours

1 – 4








Fill in information about your childcare:

Group Leader

Make Reimbursement Payable To:

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