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Walkabout Series – Week 4

Categories: Audio Podcast,Latest News,This Sunday/Monday at Curtis Lake

The Message: “Searching For Meaning in Wisdom”

Have you ever said to yourself, “If only I can get that degree, then I will be happy?” Perhaps you have thought some variation of this desire. The idea: wisdom and knowledge can set me in the right direction to find meaning and purpose in life. Solomon thought this too. He had the resources to go on a walkabout into wisdom. After searching for wisdom and comparing it to foolishness and madness, he discovered that all of it was meaningless. Why? Because the fool and wise both die and are both forgotten eventually.

Meaning can’t be found in wisdom, but what can be? How do we bring meaning to our search for wisdom? This week we will go on a walkabout of our own to discover how God uses wisdom in our redemption.