Summer Webinar Series | Curtis Lake Christian Church

Summer Webinar Series

What is the Summer Webinar Series all About?

Have you ever been afraid to try something new because you don’t want to do it wrong or you might not know enough yet? This workshop will help minimize your fears and give you practical ways to approach three core areas of your faith development. You will learn “How To” start, think, develop and flourish in a life of Prayer, Reading the Bible, and Worship. Check out each of the live 60-minute webinars during the months of June and July. Each webinar will be an interactive format with teaching and Q&A.


Prayer – Wednesday 6/19 at 8:00pm

Prayer is a spiritual discipline that dates back to the beginning of time. You hear prayers at public events like weddings and funerals, in church and among fans of a sports team vying for a championship. What could/should prayer mean to you personally? Does it matter, and can it make a difference in your life? In this session, we’ll embrace the mystery of prayer but also look for practical ways to develop a truly prayerful life.

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The Bible – Wednesday 6/26 at 8:00pm

Reading the Bible can seem like an overwhelming task. The Bible keeps people from faith as often as it helps people discover faith.  How should you think about this ancient collection of writings? What exactly is the Bible? How have different groups read it? How can it shape your life today? This webinar will explore a great way to think about the Bible as a whole and give tips on how to engage the Bible in a productive and meaningful way.

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Worship – Wednesday 7/10 at 8:00pm

Worship is much more than singing a few songs to Jesus during a weekend service. It is a way of life expressed through many different practices and behaviors. During this webinar, you will begin to explore some important questions which can lead you to a lifestyle of worship. Why do we worship? How do we worship? What does Jesus say about the topic of worship?

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