Becky Brink

During the renovation of the building a few years ago, Jim Whitman and I did a lot of work together. I was the facility director at the time and Jim was the main person doing the work. In remodeling the woman’s bathroom, we were planning to install four new toilets. At the end of the day, we had placed the toilets on the floor, getting an idea of appropriate space between the toilets. We left that day deciding to think about it and make the final decision the following day. Jim and I arrived early wanting to get a jump on the project. When we walked into the bathroom, to our amazement and disbelief, there were now FIVE toilets all lined up. There was an extra toilet! 

This reminded us of Jesus multiplying the bread and fish, God had provided an FIFTH toilet! He must have known our needs! It wasn’t until later that day, we found out that

Josh had snuck down and played a joke on us, lining up an extra toilet. Needless to say, as you women know, there are only four in the women’s bathroom.

Year submitted: 2021