global outreach


As followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to love our neighbor and to share the Gospel with others, bringing hope to the hopeless. At Curtis Lake, we believe that our neighbor is the person in the house next to ours, and also the person halfway around the world. We actively seek to support people and organizations around the world who are providing care for widows and orphans, and dedicated to spreading the Good News.   ---------------------------------------------------------------     e44

Global Outreach changes lives

  • Global Outreach Partners

    Curtis Lake Global Outreach supporters partner with leaders and organizations to bring the Good News of Jesus' love to the "uttermost parts of the world." We hope you'll take some time to read more about our partners and the great work that they do.

  • Global Outreach Trips

    We believe that lives are changed when we invest our time, talents and treasures in support of our Global Outreach partners. Global Outreach Trip participants go to help and encourage partners around the world and, in turn, experience encouragement and growth in their own lives. Trips have resumed in 2023. For more information, contact

  • Global Outreach Stories

    In the Curtis Lake lobby, you'll find a display wall filled with curious objects. Those objects represent stories of impact resulting from a Curtis Laker answering the call to "go."