our passion:

to help people know and follow jesus

our core value:


To live in such a way that people take notice of you for the right reasons.

We live this value out as a Curious Church through these 5 commitments:

  • we think jesusly

    In all of life, we choose to first ask how Jesus would think about this circumstance, issue, person, etc. In other words, “What does love require of me?” is the ultimate question for us in all things.

  • we respond graciously

    We choose to be a people of grace and mercy. Jesus calls His followers to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them. We love all and let God sort out the rest. We choose to err on the side of grace and mercy rather than judgment.

  • we work relationally

    Jesus sent His followers out in pairs to bring His message of healing and hope to people. We believe healthy community and greater impact comes from doing less with more rather than more with less. We work in teams and pairs. No lone rangers allowed!

  • we dream fearlessly

    Jesus calls us to dream big and believe big. We dream big for our church, both individually and corporately, about how God can use us to bring His hope to our community.

  • we give generously

    Jesus gave His life for us. He taught us that we can experience no greater love than this. We choose to give generously of our time, talent and treasure to bring hope to Sanford and the surrounding communities.