dana laine

I learned about Thrive New England several years back at one of the breakout sessions during a GO Conference. I had never heard of human trafficking before and, honestly, had never thought about slavery existing in this country. The speaker talked about teenagers being taken and forced into a life of unthinkable evil. I remember praying to GOD that HE needs to help these kids and got a sense in my heart of GOD saying "What are you going to do?" 

I started collecting cans and bottles to recycle from people I knew at work, then sensed the LORD leading me to various businesses, who allowed me to place a trash can in their break rooms to collect cans and bottles. GOD is good and faithful, providing opportunities to inform people of the atrocities of human trafficking, introducing various friendships through meeting different people and providing funding to wage war on the evil of human trafficking through the donations of cans and bottles from various businesses and individual donors.

Year submitted: 2021