David Eldridge

“Mr. Eldridge! Mr. Eldridge!” I hear this all day long when I’m teaching, but kids calling out in a space they don’t expect me always gets me. I have been a teacher for 34 years and most of my students never knew about my faith until they found out I volunteer at Curtis Lake Church. And how did they learn that? Trunk or Treat.


Each year, kids come to Curtis Lake all dressed up to be entertained and get lots of candy. They don’t expect to find me. But they do and that’s when they learn I love Jesus. Serving them and others in our community through events like Trunk or Treat is one tangible way I can show them that not only do I love Jesus, but that Jesus does also. I also get the opportunity to show them the importance and privilege of serving others.


David Eldridge and his wife, Donna, live in Springvale. He teaches health and physical education at Carl J. Lamb and has been attending Curtis Lake since 2010.

Year submitted: 2021