Pastor Jim Shafer

On the 27th of July, 2021, the Curtis Lake Church staff played a round of miniature golf at Shaw’s Ridge. Jim Shafer held a four stroke lead through the 15th hole, but after a series of mistakes that lead was completely lost going into the 18th, along with Joshua Parison having played cleanly enough to even the score. After the entire group went out of bounds on the 18th, Jim was able to execute a 6’ putt to finish the hole in three strokes, while Josh finished with four strokes. The coveted Curtis Lake Church “CHAMP” trophy was presented shortly after. In his comments to the media, Jim Shafer thanked his Curtis Lake Church family for cheering him on and supporting him. He hopes to defend his title in next year’s round.

Jim Shafer is Pastor of Community Care at Curtis Lake, and he oversees the physical facility as well. He lives in Sanford with his wife, Mallory, and daughter, Faith.

Year submitted: 2021