Jody Slaven

Roots.  That’s what comes to mind when I think about Curtis Lake.  My grandmother started coming to this church as a teenager in 1935 when the church was founded.  She grew up, got married, she and my grandfather raised their four daughters in this church.  My mother met my father at this church in their teen years and they got married here and raised me in this church. 

Now I’m married, my husband came to know Christ in this church.  We are raising our twin daughters in this church.  Four generations have come through these doors.  That’s a long time!  But we’re one small part.  On the flip side of that, that’s four generations of many people coming through these doors.  Many people who need Christ, lives that have been changed, broken people being mended, people who are desperate for community… finding friends who will walk through life with them.  People who are hungry physically, and spiritually, being fed.  People learning what it is to worship God, to put others before themselves, to seek what God would have for their lives.  To go out beyond these church walls and show Christ to others so they can be changed.  Souls that have come to accept Christ into their lives who are now grafted into my eternal spiritual family.  Brothers and sisters in Christ.  All part of my roots.  All rooted in Christ.

Jody Slaven works for the marketing department at Paychex.  She lives in Sanford with her husband Eriq and twin girls Rylie and Payton.  Jody and Eriq currently serve on the Sunday morning coffee team.

Year submitted: 2022