greg & denise shaw

We have gone to CICRIN on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua for a few trips now. It’s a delight seeing the kids grow and thrive in that sweet orphanage. The one thing that brings back memories every time we see them is plantains. There is an abundance of plantains in a climate such as Nicaragua, so the people are accustomed to preparing them in several different ways along with rice and beans. We are, of course, so very grateful for every meal prepared for us during our time spent there, but it has become a bit of a running joke among the group: “I wonder what sort of configuration our plantains will be in today?” The icing on the cake was the day they served pizza made of plantain crust! Many of us ate granola bars that day. We love little school\orphanage on Ometepe Island. It is hard to put into words the peace and closeness with God we feel there. It’s been such a tremendous blessing.

Greg and Denise Shaw are long-time Curtis Lake attendees.  Greg is self-employed doing interior auto repair and Denise is a nurse anesthetist.  The couple lives in Kennebunk.