laura snyder-smith

What I think I’ll do: Save the world! Be the change!

What my friends think I’ll do: Fall in love with the children and bring home an orphan.

What my parents think I’ll do: Waste money! (Oh, what you could do with that money!)

What society thinks I’ll do: Brain-wash and convert them all!

What the kids think I’ll do: Bring them gum and candy! “Take my picture!”

What really happened: I went on mission to “change lives” by giving and serving, but every time it was me who came home the “changed” one, having learned and received so much during our time together. Some live in the most basic homes (and keep them immaculately clean!), yet they are so very rich in spirit. Many are just grateful to have clothes at all! They all are quick to hug and share a smile, and oh, how they openly love God and freely share His love! Both kids and adults pray, they pray together out loud, and they truly believe in his strength and power. They are happy and live free in His Word. They live in the moment, trusting God has the rest. Oh, I still have so much to learn from them!

Laura Snyder Smith lives in Kennebunk with her husband Lindsay and their children Sophie and Charlie. Laura is the events and marketing manager for the Kennebunk-Kennebunkport-Arundel Chamber of Commerce.