matthew silke

Guatemala was a great experience. It allowed me and everyone else on the trip to see life through other’s perspectives, whether it was our first time visiting or a returning visit. An example of this is my friend Diego. Diego is a student at Morning Glory who is about my age. That helped me to connect better with him. It was good seeing how his life compared to mine was so different. It was humbling in a way. It was also good seeing the community in San Raymundo where we stayed. It was fun to see a different culture. The trip was also a good time to connect better with God. When we prayed every day, or when we just tried to bless others while we were there, it helped us focus on our faith. One of my main takeaways is how much you really can bless other people by being a friend.

Matthew Silke is a 7th grade student from Lebanon, Maine. He continues to write back and forth with Diego through one of the directors of the school. It is his hope to see Diego as soon as we can travel safely again!