sandy richer

It wouldn’t be a trip to Ethiopia without coffee! Known to be the birthplace of coffee, it’s no wonder the locals embrace it as part of their culture, and to be invited for coffee is a sign of respect and friendship. I’ve had the honor of attending many coffee ceremonies which consists of washing the raw coffee beans, roasting them to perfection on a fire, grinding them up with rebar (usually), and then slowly adding to boiling water. The process takes time and allows for exchanging of stories about life, family and God. Most of my fondest memories of Ethiopia have centered around sharing coffee with some incredible people doing amazing things. It’s a reminder to take a moment (or a few hours if you’re on Ethiopia time), and really appreciate the friendship, the stories and the coffee!

Sandy works as a Patient Service Rep for Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover. She lives in Sanford with husband Danny, and loves spending time outdoors and with her five grandchildren.